Native APP development (android / ios) & User Experience & Social Media Marketing & Copywriting & Technical lead in the advisory board & Online Marketing (PPC / SEO)

About the project

ApolloProtocol is the most complete All-in-one fitness application on the market. It contains all the features you need, from logging your workout to tracking your progress. Now it’s one of the best-rated applications in the App store. Available in both Android & IOS.



When ApolloProtocol came to us, the main product of ApolloProtocol, the ApolloProtocol fitness app, was not set up properly by the previous company. This was causing many bugs, loading problems, and functional problems.


At Crebos, we have completely restructured the application, rebuilt it and put it in a new jacket to launch the most complete fitness app on the market. ApolloProtocol was also looking for an all-in-one solution for all its online services. For example, we now also manage the ApolloProtocol SEO strategy, social media marketing, and UX design.



With more than 10,000 active users, it is now one of the fastest-growing fitness applications. We can say that our service as an online partner has been successful. In addition, an enormous growth in engagement and traffic can be seen on the website through our marketing activities.

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Maurice Weber

Co - Founder