The Bootycamp


Development Website & Development Webshop & WP development & WP custom link with calendar module & WP custom links with liveles software

Over het project

The Bootycamp is a healthy lifestyle organization that helps women achieve their fitness and health goals. The company belongs to Social influencer Elysa Eid, known from Instagram, radio and TV. The platform sells merchandise, tailor-made nutrition plans and provides live workouts online.



The Bootycamp is growing enormously, with more and more aspects of administration, order management and setting up flawless processes for even more scalability.


We have developed a webshop where the products are sold. We have provided an agenda software with a link for automatically booking lessons. To automate the live lesson part, we have developed smart links that make the entire process user-friendly.



Since the introduction of the new website, we have seen an increase in the number of products sold online. Customer management is more efficient as a result of automating the transactions and booking the lessons. Significantly less labor is required to manage the customers.

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Maurice Weber

Co - Founder