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Over het project

With ‘Bike voor Parkinson’ patients, care providers, family and friends join in an annual bike tour. Besides the ‘feel-good’ vibe, they raise funds for Parkinson research done by “ParkinsonNet”. This research is of significant value towards providing valuable information for patients and towards their quality of life. The initiative of ‘Bike voor Parkinson’ raises a lot of awareness about the disease and tries to get as many donations as possible to contribute in the fight against the fastest growing neurological disease. There was a need to spread this initiative and give people the chance to make donations online on a new established website with an attractive character.



For such a great initiative with an important social and medical influence, we needed to convey the right message. The website has to have the intention to excite users about the tour and to persuade them to make a donation. This needed to be established facing a short deadline.


For this project we built a WordPress website in a quick but qualitative way. This included exciting images and videos that look appealing to the eye. Besides that we made sure that engagement from other companies was visible by adding their company logos. Last but not least we added the benefit of receiving goodies when deciding to donate.



The result was overwhelming. The number of donations came to 1,343 with a total of 53,315.3 euros. They actually cycled 59,318 kilometers!

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Maurice Weber

Co - Founder