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Thanks to the iSHARE Data Sharing Scheme, everyone can share data with everyone else in the logistics sector, including with new and hitherto unknown parties, in a simple and controlled way.

On behalf of the Netherlands’ Logistics Top Sector, dozens of public-sector and private-sector partners within the Dutch transport and logistics sector worked together on the development of a uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization. iSHARE is aimed at further stimulating data-sharing in the logistics sector.

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What’s in it for you?

The iSHARE Scheme offers many advantages over your current data-sharing method. The specific benefits depend on a number of factors, such as what kind of organization you are, your position in the supply chain, your current method of data-sharing, which partners you share data with and which type of data you share.


Freight forwarders

iSHARE improves supply chain visibility



iSHARE makes it easier, safer and cheaper to provide access to your platforms



iSHARE improves supply chain visibility


Logistics software suppliers

iSHARE improves supply chain visibility for your customers


Transport companies

iSHARE helps you to work faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively

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Paving the way for European data sovereignty, powered by iSHARE and IDSA

The European Commission has laid down a strategic pathway to leverage data in the best possible way for the sake of the European citizen and the Digital Single Market. The European Data Strategy creates the vision of a European Data Space which adheres to rules that are directly derived from fundamental European values. It envisages the “flow of data within the EU and across sectors” and is based on the FAIR principles when it comes to the access, management, and use of data.

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Let us help you to implement iSHARE

The iSHARE 5-step plan guides you through getting started with iSHARE so you too can share data in a uniform, simple and controlled way.

Start sharing data
Decide what you need to do in order to implement
Think of a concrete situation in which iSHARE could help you to share data
Determine how important data-sharing is for you

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Maurice Weber

Co - Founder