Saers is an optician based in The Netherlands, specializing in premium eyewear. The company also provides optometry services to quickly diagnose eye problems and refer clients to an eye doctor if needed.

Our Roles

User Experience
Web Design
Web App Development


Saers Opticians asked us to do a full website redesign to strike a better match between the look of their physical establishment and their online presence. The company also wanted full control over the content on their website.


We sat down with Saers to think of a new web design direction that would appeal to their specific clientele. Together we also thought through the user journey and looked for ways to improve the current user flows. After that, we proceeded to build a fully responsive website.

Image of Saers website on laptop


The result is a freshly redesigned website that aims to bring the look & feel of the physical store to the online realm. Powered by Wordpress CMS, the website is easily customizable by any of the owners and loaded with opportunities to expand the site in a later stage.

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