Pinktrainer is an innovative solution to improve healthcare for cancer patients. With this solution, the 2019 healthcare and innovation prize from The Netherlands was won by Pinktrainer. Pinktrainer has also been used in several scientific publications in which significantly faster recovery was seen between Pinktrainer users and non-users. With Pinktrainer, the physiotherapist can set up personalized training protocols based on detailed and client-specific information for the cancer patient. The effects of treatment and medication, how the client is feeling, the right feedback on training and more can be tracked with the Pinktrainer software.

Our Roles

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A very complex software solution to roll out the innovative Pinktrainer idea. Because Pinktrainer is a medical software, it must meet the highest safety and privacy standards. Together with our IT architect, also the founder of Pinktrainer, René Loek we let his idea become reality.


A customized software solution that is rolled out at both oncology physiotherapists and hospitals. Pinktrainer is the solution that makes rehabilitation after cancer therapy easier, more personal and result-driven. Patients who rehabilitate with Pinktrainer notice faster recovery and also the therapists have a better insight into what the patient is doing.

Image of Pinktrainer website on laptop


An award-winning platform, spread across the globe for it’s added value in the oncology sector. Pinktrainer will also be integrated into the oncology scholarship as a tool for cancer patients after chemo treatment. Pinktrainer is a fantastic solution that brings the facets of training, nutrition and much more in a very convenient way to the patients. Pinktrainer also serves as an extension to regular treatment and brings more of healthcare from offline to the online world.

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