With the COVID-19 coronavirus spreading rapidly around the globe, we felt the need to contribute to fighting it in any way we could. We established that there was a lot of misinformation out there about the virus, therefore we thought it would be great for anyone to have access to the latest confirmed information at all times.

Our Roles

User Experience
Mobile Development


We wanted people to have access to not only the latest corona related articles and tips, but also to have the latest information about the spread of the virus in their area. This means we had to make sure that we used the most reliable data out there, for every country/region in the whole world. Moreover, with an unknown virus spreading at a rapid pace, we needed to act fast. Real fast. Probably faster than we ever needed to act before.


A mobile app that enables the user to access all the right information at any time, in the fastest way possible. Although more complex than a web app (i.e. more work), a mobile app is way more convenient for the user. This id why we figured this would be the way to go.

Image of Coronavirus App on iPhone


We managed to build the Coronavirus App from scratch in less than 7 days. Translated into 15 languages and connected to reliable data sources worldwide. Unfortunately for us, on launch day, both the App Store Google Play banned all non-official coronavirus related mobile apps. Although we couldn’t get the app to reach users through these channels, we’re still proud of what we achieved as a team. 

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